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 The Paris Curling Club's Ontario Curling Association (OCA) representative is Dianna Speakman, contact her at

Dianna's goal is the make sure our club is getting the most out of our membership with the OCA, especially when it comes to workshops, clinics and training, so keep any eye on this page for opportunities to better your curling!



The Paris Curling Club Board is considering the growth and development of Coaching Curling within our Club.
Listed below are the types of Coach Training that is available from OCC (Ontario Curling Council). If you think that you would be interested in becoming a Coach at any level, please contact Dianna Speakman at
This is not a commitment on your part. We are simply surveying interest within the club at this time for future planning.

There are three types of Curling Coach training,
Club Coach - Youth, Club Coach, and Competition Coach. The following describes the three types of coaching and content of the training.

Club Coach – Youth: Learning to create an environment where children can learn the fundamentals of curling in a fun and safe manner is the main focus of this workshop. Geared towards youth curlers in the Active Start and FUNdamentals stages of development, this is a perfect workshop for parents, grandparents, older junior curlers and other volunteers who want to work with children.
This workshop is ideal for coaches who are new to coaching or have little coaching experience. They tend to work with children from the ages of 6-13 who are being introduced to the game of curling.
Location of the clinic: Curling Club

Topics covered in a Club Coach: Youth workshop:

Club Coach: The focus of this workshop is on learning to create an environment where junior curlers can continue to develop their skills, and adult curlers can learn the skills and etiquette of the game in a safe, non-threatening manner. It is primarily designed for coaches and instructors who will be working with adult or older juniors playing recreationally within the club or interclub leagues, and instructors who conduct Learn to Curl and Advanced Clinics within the club.
Coaches who take this two-day workshop become “Club Coach Trained”. This workshop does not lead to CERTIFICATION. This is a program designed to enhance the skill set of the coach or instructor who functions primarily at the club level but whose teams are starting their competitive experience. The Club Coach will be competent in training curlers from youth to masters, with skill levels of beginning to intermediate. The Club Coach will be proficient in planning and designing a practice/clinic, ethical decision-making, teaching correct curling skills, skill analysis, safety and program management.
Prerequisite: Must be a minimum of sixteen (16) years of age at the start of the course.
Course content:

Competition Coach: The focus of this workshop is on teaching the coach how to prepare a team to compete in regional/provincial level competition. Coaches will learn how to plan and execute a safe and effective practice, to teach advanced technical (brushing and delivery) and strategic skills, and how to analyze a skill and apply corrective drills.
Coaches who take this two-day workshop will earn credit towards their Competition Coach Training.

Topics covered in the Competition Coach workshop:
  1. Teaching & learning strategies
  2. Strategy & tactics
  3. Delivery and brushing skills
  4. Skill analysis
  5. Practice planning, including safety and EAP (emergency action plan)
  6. Drills to correct

This workshop is ideal for coaches preparing players to compete in regional and provincial level competitions. Coaches can begin their training in the Competition Stream (i.e. the Community Sport stream is not a prerequisite), however coaches need to have a good understanding of the game and technical skills. In order for a coach to be deemed “certified” the coach must undergo a mandatory evaluation.

Make Ethical Decisions (training not required, but highly recommended)

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